Anytime, anywhere, anyone.
We aim to create preserved foods that anyone can eat with peace of mind in the event of an emergency, no matter what country they are from,
no matter what religion they follow, and no matter what circumstances they are in.

We, Green Design & Consulting
was founded in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,
and we have been planning and selling preserved water and food products specially designed for disaster stockpiling out of a desire to
“provide everyone in the country with the supplies they will need at such time.”

More than ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
While Japan is a disaster-prone country,
natural disasters also occur throughout the entire rest of world.

We believe that now is the time for us to take up the mission of delivering Made-in-Japan
disaster prevention supplies to others in need around the world.

We designed “Preserved Food for Everyone”
o be safe and secure for everyone to eat,
from children to the elderly, regardless of physical constitution, religious beliefs, or language barriers.

We are also committed to the SDGs for the creation of a sustainable society.
We propose a system in which stockpiles of food,
which are prone to the problem of mass disposal
when being replaced, can be donated to regions where daily life is difficult.

Anytime, anywhere, anyone.
Aiming to provide the preserved food that ‘everyone’ needs.


Anytime, anywhere in the world

In the event of a disaster, there is nothing better than to have “no-cooking-required” preserved food that can be eaten without heating or water. We have created such preserved foods while also ensuring that they are delicious for anyone at any time.
We have succeeded in producing rice-flour cookies and bread retorted via the pressurized heat sterilization process used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, cooked seasoned rice, and a wide variety of other food products with a shelf life of eight years (some with a shelf life of eight and a half years).
We are committed to preventing disasters, which could strike suddenly anywhere at any time.

*Greenchemy Co., Ltd., our partner manufacturer, has been manufacturing and delivering combat rations, preserved water, and other food products at the request of the Ministry of Defense for roughly 20 years.

Anywhere in the world

Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rapid increase in the number of overseas visitors. In addition, the number of foreigners newly living in Japan as workers accounts for about 2% of the total population. However, these visitors and workers are inconvenienced by the difficulties of the Japanese language, and it would be impossible to deny the anxiety they will fell in the event of an earthquake or other disaster. The greatest help in times of emergency is “multi-language compatibility,” in which information on preserved food or other products at hand can be read in one’s native language. All of Green Design & Consulting’s products are available in 30 languages from around the world. Scanning the QR code with your smartphone provides enables you to view the product’s ingredients and allergy information in your native language for safe and secure consumption.

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Peace of mind for all

Food-related allergies are on the rise in Japan, among both children and adults. The importance placed on addressing this trend is evident in the recent major shift from wheat to rice-based products in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s disaster prevention stockpiles.
We make use of delicious rice and water from Akita, a rice-producing region, in manufacturing Green Design & Consulting’s “Preserved Food for Everyone” series, eight popular retort rice products, the rice-flour cookies adopted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and our new rice-flour bread products.
Our products do not contain any of the 28 specified food allergens (shrimp, crab, walnuts, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, almonds, abalone, squid, salmon roe, oranges, cashew nuts, kiwi fruit, beef, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, bananas, pork, matsutake mushrooms, peaches, yams, apples and gelatin) nor do they contain shellfish. They are free of 29 allergens and are therefore safe for consumption by those with allergies.

For any environment around the world

All of Green Design & Consulting’s products have a temperature resistance range of -20°C to 80°C. They can be stored for a long period of time, up to seven years, even in the trunk of an automobile, not to mention in outdoor warehouses where temperature fluctuations are severe. Our preserved water and retort cookies are already in use by four automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
In addition, the ability to withstand temperatures in this range also enables the products to be transported in marine containers to overseas destinations, which is rare capability among finished food products.

Disaster prevention stockpiling that does not produce any waste

A key issue that needs to be resolved regarding large amounts of preserved food and water stockpiled by companies, municipalities, and large facilities is how to contribute to the achievement of SDGs goals and eliminate food loss.
In the case of Green Design & Consulting’s seven-year products, the actual shelf lives are eight to eight-and-a-half years, which provides plenty of leeway. This means that, when replacing the product, there is still a year of more of shelf life left, and we intend to actively operate a sustainable disaster prevention system to enable this food to be delivered to people and regions that need it.
With such a generous shelf life, preserved food, which used to be disposed of in large quantities and at great cost once expired, will be put to good use.

Creating together and using together

One of the SDGs is “responsible production and responsible consumption.” We invite manufacturers and customers to work together with us to achieve the SDGs through preserved food products by building a strong nation that is resilient to disasters, reducing disposal costs at the time of replacement, and contributing to society by reducing food loss through donations.
Leeway created at the time of replacement will play a role in eliminating the problem of food loss and contribute to efforts to achieve a sustainable future.

*There are more than 7,000 “Children’s Cafeterias” throughout Japan, and they are always asking for donations of food with a remaining shelf life of at least six months. In addition, in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, some communities are asking for donations of preserved water for use in washing and other purposes.

Sustainable disaster prevention system

Our goal is to create a Sustainable Disaster Prevention System
that can stop the mass disposal of disaster prevention stockpiles of food and beverage and safely reuse them.。

In the disaster prevention industry, costly mass disposal has been the norm in the replacement process that occurs at the end of each storage period.
As food loss becomes a social issue, we believe that this should not be allowed to continue.

The products in our 7-year preservation series have a shelf life of over 8 years.

We have named this initiative, which takes advantage of this free period, to deliver items to people in need both domestically and overseas by donating them rather than disposing of them, ”Sustainable Disaster Prevention System.”
Although this initiative has just begun, many customers have agreed with it, and the circle of donations to elementary and junior high schools, local children’s cafeterias, and food banks in Japan and overseas is rapidly expanding.

We will continue to work toward achieving the SDGs and realizing a sustainable society so that this system will someday become commonplace.

Product manufacturing plant

Our preserved foods are manufactured by our partner, Greenchemy Co., Ltd. We have established strict quality control standards and are developing and manufacturing products that can be delivered safely and securely to all customers.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.